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ASMR (АСМР), Relaxation, Sleep, & Smiles---if the world gets too loud, you can stay here a while. Welcome to my channel, tingle seekers! I make 2 new ASMR videos every week! Here you'll find 50+ role plays (15+ original characters), Sound Assortments, Guided Meditations, original stories, Pure Sounds, & Sound Slices. I love experimenting with my content, & don't believe in creative boundaries when it comes to eliciting ASMR. Thank you so much to those who have joined me on this adventure, & those who are just beginning it. My channel is a work in progress, & you're helping to make it. I appreciate every one of you, & hope you find a sanctuary here. Happy Viewing! You can also find me elsewhere on the interwebs by clicking the links below. Feel free to join me at any of those locations! Oh and I am sailorchell on Reddit. :P PS. Many of you requested I set up a Paypal and Patreon to help improve your experiences here. Any donations are greatly appreciated.

adam garrett
hope your well Heather...have you ever thought about doing a live feed? that would be awsome. thanks.
Alessa Angelica
I just wanted to tell you that your videos are Absolutely Breathtaking ~^.^~ <3 <3 <3
hey heather, I saw your video on ASMattR's channel (portal themed), and after reading some comments, I agree with the guy who said you could totally pull off ruby rose from RWBY. Have you ever thought about making a RWBY themed asmr video?
Leonardo Koryl
Por favor, realiza un video ASMR en español, tu voz es muy hermosa cuando hablas en español. Please, make an ASMR video in spanish, your voice is so beautiful when you speak spanish.
You've probably been asked already Heather, but what are some of your triggers?
have we had any updates on her? is she doing ok?
Robert Samson
Heather, thank you so much for your amazing videos. You are a very selfless person and for you to do what you do makes you an incredible, caring friend. Thank you.
Gabriel Krallzy
i love ur channel. can u make Dark Feather's Whispers video?
j miller
Somethin be wrong up in heah.  She ain't been on camera in 2 - 3 months.  The squirrels was pretty cool though.
K.C. Hunter
Does anyone know whatever happened to that red head Violet who many, like myself, found out about ASMR because YouTube kept suggesting her video and thumbnail a few years back? No offense to Heather, love her videos, but it seems most of the ASMR community all know each other but no one seems to know what happened to that Violet girl.
Shadow Lander
Hey HEather can you do a wood burning fireplace/stove ASMR vid. the sound of a crackling fire is My biggest Trigger.
I love your vids, you have such soft hands and nice voice. How about doing something like decorating a Christmas tree?
Ivan McKinney
chris warren
hope you get well so fast Heather, thank you for the joy and relaxation that you bring to so so many people.  Please feel our healing and loving auras surround you and comfort you .  ;-)
Your stuff is so cute and calming and natural! I love it, probably my favourite ASMR channel (or, heck, probably one of my favourite all around YouTube channels) out there! If possible, you should totally do more of those candy-making/tasting videos, they're excellent, funny, and cute (and different)! Keep up the awesome work, you're so cool! c:
Dear Heather. I am glad to hear you are healing. I am undergoing chemotherapy following my own massive surgery for ovarian cancer. Your videos are a huge help to me in dealing with the sickness that chemo causes. I just wanted to thank you for making the videos. You are a blessing in so many lives. Namaste.
I am new to ASMR and I gotta say, Heather is definitely my favorite.  Love Heather's voice, so relaxing.  Love it when she gets close to my ear and starts whispering and making noises with her tongue and mouth and blowing down my ear canal.  I swear, I can feel her breath!!!  Just sitting here thinking about it causes me to tingle. 

Subbed for life!
Hi Heather, really love your channel, really helps me relax. Just wondered since you've a number of individual roleplays, i was wondering if it would maybe be possible for you to perhaps do a solely star wars roleplay? I know i speak for many when i say that plus im a bit star wars fan myself. Anyway keep up the good work and hopefully your making a full recovery :) and also may the force be with you.
Pappa Guse
I love Portal too .o. It'd be great if you could do one about the lore ^3^ I love your channel so much!!
Ulquiorras Lover.564
Do you think you would be up for a light/soft singing video or lullaby? I remember in one of your videos you started to sing pieces of songs and i really enjoyed that<3 Would love to see it happen again.
Otter Pop
I've been thinking of you, and hoping you're feeling much better! ^.^
Stephen Alexander
I really enjoy the cranial nerve exam video, great work. I had an idea for another medical roleplay video: interview and prep for a sleep study. I think you could really nail it and incorporate many relaxing sights/sounds. Keep up the great videos!
Bearded Baby
How's the recovery going, and not to be selfish but when do you think you'll be able to do more videos.. I miss you.
Hi there Heather, glad to see you're looking very well!
I've been trying to find a particular video of yours; the bit I remember most vividly before I fell asleep was the sound of.. I think something covering up each ear, then both ears... I can't remember which video it was, but it gave me very strong tingles.
If you, or any of the ASMR community that sees this can help me identify the video, I'd be forever in debt.
Once again, glad to see you're recovering, and all the best to you!
Rabbit Revisions
Heather, your kind voice and lovely videos always make me so happy and relaxed. Life can be so busy and stressful, but I know that I can always come here to your channel to relax and find warm, fuzzy happiness. Thank you so much for the amazing videos you make. 
Heather I listen to the Ultimate Head scalp massage roleplay numerous times per week and I gotta say thank you for helping me discover that listening to the electric scalp massager binaurally is probably my favorite audio while I relax in my sleep. Like my God..it even calmed my random migraine during the middle of a day and I just thought about listening to that part of the video. Just turning on that machine and waving it around the microphone + close ear soft speaking melts me ;^0..I'm so spoiled of listening to it over and over again yet it still brings the most satisfaction of ASMR.
This could be just my perspective of wanting a request but imo I think you're going to have alot more fans if you make a main video centered around the Electric Scalp Massager (the squid-looking machine with 4 knobs and 7 feets ;^)) or another Ultimate Head scalp massage roleplay to utilize with it.

Also I liked listening to the machine being switched on and you wave it around the microphone more than when you put it on the microphone..it brings that ASMR moment that the listeners feel like they're actually there. The machine being on the microphone just adds grinding-on-plastic/metal noise ,';^/.
Hi Heather, Just a quick Thank You for the care you put into each production. Always smooth, never a harsh sound, no one else, (event those you've mentioned) get it so right each time. Thank You!
Linda Winston
any plans for a sequel for that candy queen role play video?
Ron Kirk
"... in the end the Shadow was only a small and passing thing: there was light and high beauty for ever beyond its reach."
Be brave, kind Heather, and this shadow too shall pass.
May you be well again soon!
alex goodness
Is there a chance we'll hear you sing someday?
thanks for doing ASMR it really helps people relax
I'm very happy to see that you are no longer ill :) thank you for getting right into video making, I and others are very grateful
glad to hear every thing whent ok : 3 glad your still up for making videos but go at your own pace : 3 i would love to see another dark feather video but i just love the old ones so much im just fine with waiting ^3^ hope you have a lovly rest of the year :3 and take it easy ok? : 3
Your voice is way too annoying for ASMR in my opinion. Sorry to sound like a meanie jerk-face. 
Aidan Lin
Is it me... or is ASMR like slowly dying.... I feel like less and less people are doing it..... and some ASMRtists have stopped releasing videos on their channels completely and left their audience wondering where there are ? Like they some how disappeared. There are a couple ASMRtists I know that are still working on videos.... but I feel the community is somehow getting smaller :/ A lot of my favourite ASMRtists have completely left their channels (Not uploading videos for months/years).... I love to get someone else opinion on this
Happy Birthday Heather! <3 Thanks for all the tingles.
the reason you dont have as many subscribers as you should have is because you send them all to sleep before hey can even think about subscribing :D thanks for helping me sleep; ps i have a sleep problem that stops me from relaxing but your videos have stopped that almost completely thnks 
Dear Heather, I am glad your surgery went well. I was on your blooper channel watching the video: Cursed Sound Assortment Video Bloopers: Starring Troll Cat. I must say, for a blooper video it gave me a lot of tingles. I was wondering if you could do another video with them (purring, whispering, etc.) If you can do that, Great. If not, I understand. Your videos really help reduce stress and help me relax. Keep up the good work!
Happy birthday Featherface!
Harley Queen
Hey Heather. I am honoured to call you my favourite ASMRist. Would you ever consider a fan meet up? You're so down to earth. it'd be awesome to meet you. I personally live in Canada :3 Ontario is my province.
Get well soon, and stay awesome Heather!
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