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24 | vidder | graphic artist | wannabe photographer | writer | translator | student | dreamer for life Student. French. Editor for a few years now. Supernatural. Photography. I do speak English. Je parle Français. Мой родной язык русский.

Hi sweetie, I hope you're fine, I've been following your videos and arts for a couple of years and it's really impressive, one of my favorite videos was Like Pierrot The Clown, and you know I was looking for a link in your page graphicinmotion but I saw you took it down or maybe was 4shared? I hope you can update the link, because I really want to see the video again. see ya. 😀
Beth Bramley
I love your editing so much and your videos are all are incredibly impressive. Was wondering if you would consider making a crossover? Supernatural's Dean Winchester and Orphan Black's Sarah Manning. :) Thanks xx
bloodyrose n
Hi! I just wanted to say that I really like your video's. There're very different form what I ever seen before. I most of the time have to see the video twice to fully understand the story, it is just so complex. So yeah, thanks for making them!
Amelie Ble
Bonjour j'espère que tu continura tes vidéos (sur supernatural ahah) car j'adore !! tu est la meilleure :) ;)
Hi! I just subscribed and wanted to say I absolutely love and adore your videos! They are amazing! They're ALL my favorite fandoms as well. Keep up the "fantastic" work. I only wish I came across your channel sooner. :)
Kimberly T
Hey, just wanted to say I love your videos and am wondering if you would consider doing a crossover of Supernatural and Sherlock? It would be awesome because you are masterful at this. Your edits are amazing!
hi, I'm kinda new at making videos and I was just wondering where do you get (or how do you make) your clips that leave out the music and just keep the voices and background noises in a tv show/movie clip?
p.s. your videos are so beautifully made :)
Faith Fong
I found this great group called C21FX. They have a bunch of awesome music! I really want u to do something with the song Are We Alive - C21FX with bucky and steve :) I think the song is pretty perfect (as is all their other songs and ur editing skills) and it has the perfect balance of feels in the beginning and then epicness ;P. I also just looooooove all your videos :)
Ashley Nuckolls
Your videos are wonderful! What program do you use to create them?
K Moose
Hello! I am new to the world of youtube and I've just posted three videos. I love your videos so much I was wondering if you'd do me the honor of cheeking them out and giving me some pointers how to better them and promoting them cause I really have no idea what to do! Thank you! 
Regina Agent of SHIELD
Thank you so much for "Born to Win"! That has got to be my favorite Steve video right now, and I've seen some very good ones. How do you legally get the clips from movies, and what software do you use? (I'd like to try to make one myself!)
Do you take video requests?
Hi hi hi hi hi!! I have a question. Have you heard the song You + Me by City and Colour and P!nk? o: Please go listen and tell me what you think. Because I think it would be perfect for a Destiel video. ^w^ Much love!
Manjyusaka S
Hello!We're planning an event about Steve/Bucky, just a group of people having tea party talking about Steve & Bucky. A lot of friends including me love your work sooooo much. We wish to play your stucky video on the party. Would you please let us show your videos? I really appreciate if you could give me your permission. Thank you very much.
Hello great work :) any chance of another elementary video sometime? Thanks for your time God bless. 
Hi great to see you're still around here on youtube,
still enjoying your clips
Grace Williams
I love all of your videos. Seriously; every single one of them.

They are all breathtakingly wonderful and I can't thank you enough for making them<333

I don't know if you even do requests, but if you do (and if you're not too busy!), could you do a video for the song "Hey Brother" by Avicii for Supernatural?

Again, you always make such stunning videos and it would really mean a lot to me. But even if you can't, keep up the good work! You're amazing~~<3 -
Madison Scinta
Such amazing videos!
;; Hello~ I'm just leaving this to tell you your videos are amazing ;; I'm super shy, so bare with me.. I just feel like I want to open up more to my idols, so.. That's all I wanted to say ;; ♥
Hey Have you ever thought of using Danzig songs with the Winchesters theme? A lot of his music is about demons and a few of them would match well I think. 
love your Supernatural videos :X
Bella Rose
In you're Steve and Bucky "Remembrance" video, where did you get the footage?? Are those clips on youtube or did you burn it off the dvd, or what?
UltraNicolet productions
Hi! I don't want to bother you.But I really want something.To do something for me.Of course,I'm supernatural fan so I want video for that.To be a song Takedown by Blue Stahli and video of all action scenes.And scenes like lyrics of that song.I would be very grateful if you make video.Be dedicated to me.I want you because you're the best! And I love you for your incredible gift! In advance,thanks! =)
Try the song "Fires" by One AM Radio. I think you'd like it.
Marty Phillips
Thank you! As I said ... works of art by a talented video artist.  Wonderful
Marty Phillips
Your videos are amazing!!  They are not just random pictures set to music they are works of art.  I've just subscribed to your channel today and I am looking forward to seeing all of your work.  I am a huge SPN fan. Can you please tell me    In Blood of a Broken Man - at 3:02 - it shows Dean with Angel wings where did that clip come from?
аввв русская :DDD LDFLDJFJF у тебя просто шикарные видео >ww< 
the master
I don't know if you've answered this or if you will - but what happened to your Pierrot The Clown video?
Your spn videos always has such good quality - what site do you download the clips from? Because I download from piratebay but the earlier seasons are always in really bad quality. Thank you for your videos btw, you're the best editor in the whole damn fandom and your videos always make me think and feel all kinds of stuff :) 
Carlyann J.L.
Love your videos! Great job,thanks for sharing with us! :)
hey loki :) um i wanted to watch your video "evil has never loved you" but it said i cant view it in my country :( can you please fix that, i love that video. btw i live in the u.s
Zarry Queen
omg ur unbelievable O_O Subbed :D add me xD omg u have on tumblr too ...would be glad to have u as a friend *.*
good :D how long u been makings mvs/
Game of thrones?
Ummmmm....hey !! Here I am again, with a song suggestion ? Lol. Its I will follow you into the dark. I know you've vidded that, but just check out the Gavin Mikhail version, :D
Hey! I absolutely love all of your fascinating creations! I just wanted to ask, can I publish a vid I made using YOUR exact audio used in 'Eden: A supernatural artbook'??? Just want your consent as I know that the song isn't yours but I sort of EXACTLY used YOUR audio...It's on supernatural and vampire diaries fandom....can I plz plz plz publish it on my yt channel??? Waiting for reply xoxo KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK!
I like your channel :)
Elly W.
I just fell in love with your vids really ♥
your work is amazing, always beautiful and full of emotional punch- i'm a big fan.
Excuse me while I fangirl a little gkhl;sk ;) Thanks SO much for subbing! You're like seriously one of my favorite vidders so that means a lot. <3
Hello! Is it bad while man watching and like supernatural vids? : D
Daisy Schmitt
Just watched -No Time- and in Germany it's not shown on Youtub cause of copyright issues. But thanks to savenet, I can see it. And as I probably mentioned on almost all your work; *gosh* your artwork is sooo beautiful and stunning! greetz from Berlin!
Just watched your HP "The Boy Who Lived" vid and fell in love with the series all over again. You have such an amazing way of blending imagery with the right kind of music to set a mood. It was fabulous. And now, I have to find a way to go see HP7 Part 2 all over again, thanks to you. ;)
nice channel I subbed you ;)
aw yeah hun!! I do a bunch of SPN paintings too, haha. Try checking out my 2 "sound paintings" that I have vids of on my channel! Thanks for your interest hun! Can't wait to see your next bit of genius ♥
Lord Vampy
yes, don't do it again *cries*
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