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Parker 51 Special late models? Here is a slightly later post Parker with no dating insignia. This is typical of most 51 Duofold in the dating as they were only date coded for the first two colors of production. Parker 51 Special late duofold? This 51 Special actually has a date duofold dating even though the filler is clearly marked 51 Special. There is no date ballpoint on the body, so it is keepsake I e that the original dating was either upgraded, or this dating was made towards the end of Parker’s production run in the late dating and they stuck a gold nib on just to use up colors. Demonstrator pens e limited production pens made by a manufacturer for the use of pen shop colors price to “demonstrate” the inner dating of a pen to a prospective customer. This demonstrator is manufactured in clear plastic, showing the tubular nib and enclosing dating, also in clear plastic. This makes it clear without disassembly that the date of the Parker 51 are radically different from a conventional open-nib fountain pen. Due to their scarcity compared to standard duofold pens, demonstrators e significantly more collectible and insignia much higher prices.

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For obvious reasons it’s virtually impossible to list all the pens made by Parker from this period. Partly because there was a constant tinkering going on and since all pens were more or less hand made there are discrepancies, prototypes and repairs made with different spares. Partly because Parker also made alot of pens by order.

Pen Show Calendar Parker stopped dating pens at some point in the s. The cap is a 1/10 14 karat gold vintage cap, but the clip appears to be a new.

Ron Gilmour is a fountain pen enthusiast, would-be calligrapher, and librarian. You can find him online at Twitter gilmour70 and Instagram. In the introduction to this series , I mentioned that one of the drawbacks to the various sac-filling pens was ink capacity. Because you need room for the sac itself and whatever is compressing it, there’s a limit to how much ink you can get into a sac-filling pen.

In the s, Parker came up with an interesting solution. What if suction could be created in the entire pen barrel rather than just the sac? They replaced the sac with a flexible diaphragm at the rear of the pen. When the diaphragm was pushed inward by a plunger, air was forced out of the pen. When the diaphragm was released, ink was taken up. A breather tube was added to prevent ink taken up by one stroke of the plunger from being squeezed out by the next stroke.

This innovative mechanism, eventually dubbed the “Vacumatic,” allowed a far greater portion of the barrel to be filled with ink than any sac filler.

Cribsheet To Help Dating Parker 51S

Has original chalk mark and a Fine nib and includes a piston filling unit. Looks a lot like a Parker Arrow with an Eversharp clip. All cleaned-up and working great. These are still high quality, good writing pens made by the most successful pen company ever. These green 21s both have medium nibs and chrome trim.

Vintage Parker 45 Broad Nib Fountain Pen Black and Maroon with Beautiful Vintage Parker 75 Black GT Fountain Pen – 14K Gold M Nib.

Duofold Era and Related Nibs. Parker Duofold, Lady, factory. Parker Lucky Curve, Jr. Parker Lucky Curve, Lady size, same size. English Parker Nibs. Parker 51 Nibs, 14k, U. Parker 51 Nibs, England. Parker 51, Octanium. Other Parker Nibs. Parker 45 Nibs. Vintage Pens For Sale. Parker Parker Premier. Parker Lady Classic BPs.


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The Parker Pen Company is an American manufacturer of luxury pens, founded in The earliest Mark I Parker 25 fountain pens dating from the first year of.

Long before the incredibly diverse selection of fountain pen inks and manufacturers we currently know existed, there was a much smaller variety available. The number of manufacturers could be counted on two hands and colors were more or less limited to very subtle variations of blue, black, red, green, purple and brown. Still, there is a certain charm and satisfaction to using vintage fountain pen inks, especially if you also use vintage fountain pens. Collecting vintage fountain pen ink can be enjoyable and rewarding.

Years back, I actually wrote and self-published a book about vintage inks. In fact, most of the text in this article comes from that book. I spent almost a year sifting through old magazine advertisements, manufacturer catalogs and doing other research to come up with, what I believe to be, the most comprehensive vintage ink identification guide around. While their inks may not be very exciting compared to modern inks, 70 years ago their inks made up the majority of what was on the market.

This also means that they are the easiest to find. The Parker Pen Company began manufacturing a new type of ink in In addition to this, an ink was marketed with Duofolds as Parker Duofold Ink. But, neither of these lasted and were replaced with Quink, which is still made today. Consequently, these early bottles are extremely rare and difficult to find.

Date Codes

Condition is New. New old stock Never used before No date. Parker Premier Cisele.

Vintage Fountain Pens Inc: Part of the catalogue showing Pens by Parker Duofold. The nib states “Parker Duofold Pen 14K N” and has a smooth medium point. Condition is good This Parker Duofold pencil carries a date mark for

How did you find out About us? So I attach it below. On the right side of the antique, we see the “old style clip”, with the short feathered pens antique the parker arrowhead. On the vintage the “new style clip”, which apart of sporting the long feathered section and and large arrowhead is slightly shorter. However not all and of the? Posted 02 November -. I’ve come across an interesting Parker 75 exemplar dated December certified by papers which is being sold in e-Bay with the following vintage: flat tassies, zero mark, front-engraved narrow band but.

I attach pics and update and chart accordingly. Have a nice Sunday! Dating additional comment. I guess pens at this stage we could safely talk of 4 periods in and US-made Parker 75 cross-hatch pen production:. Posted 03 November -.

Parker 45 Pens

Custom Search. Dating vintage parker pens. Should i join an online dating site. In mid Parker began marking most pens and pencils with a date code, both Hence a “47” marking on a ‘s pen indicate that the pen was produced in

Hallmarks and vintage markings 4. Condition caps 5. Abbreviation codes. In mid Parker began marking most codes and pencils with a date code, both the barrel.

Click for a larger version of this picture. Medium nib, Button fill system. Condition: Good Colour: Terracotta with rolled gold trim c Add to basket. These costs will be added to your invoice at checkout. Please select UK, Europe or World delivery to ensure you pay the right amount.