DJ78: Playing with the Past (Part 1)

Here you’ll find articles on local and foreign 78rpm records, plus my work to date on creating a dating guide for Australian and New Zealand issued 78s. You’ll also find lots of stuff relating to my collecting interest in the copyright royalty stamps found on these old records, and other interesting NZ stamps. Australian and New Zealand 78rpm recordings A comprehensive list of Australasian record labels, or series particular to Australasia, with issue dates where known. Many images. An alphabetical listing of labels and series pressed in or especially for New Zealand, with images. Includes lacquers. Lots of sleeves too. New Zealand’s First Record Labels. A listing of currently known titles is included.

History of Canadian record companies

Search our index for information on classical and popular 78rpm recordings from HMV, RCA, Victor, Brunswick and Columbia as well as other record companies from the 78rpm era…. See our blog for the latest additions, changes and developments regarding this major project. Do you have a discography you’d like to add to this free, research project?

78 RPM records: EQ, getting rid of crackles and surface noise. cut to constant-​amplitude at the bass end of the response) pre-dated pre-emphasis. Apart from the obvious comment that it appears odd that EMI/HMV are attributed to have.

It was and still is very common for Record Companies to promote their latest releases through in-store posters, flyers and record catalogues. These publications were often only printed in small quantities and they would usually be thrown away as soon as the latest and more up to date catalogue had presented itself. It reached the number 1 position on Billboard and number 2 in the UK.

Elvis Presley had arrived with a bang! This record was actually released to the public the previous month. The release of this Elvis single gets a more prominent mention when compared to the first time he appeared in the HMV catalog: Elvis shares the bottom half of a text-box with major recording star Perry Como.

Blue Suede Shoes reached the number 20 position on Billboard, while it climbed up to the number 9 spot in the UK. Here we have a rare pamphlet from June, By this time Elvis only had two records out, but both are mentioned on this alphabetical list: — Blue Suede Shoes — Heartbreak Hote l. Only four months after his debut single, Elvis graced the cover of the HMV catalog. Next to that he had not one, but two text-boxes all to himself and both were displayed on top of their respective pages.

Plenty of proof that it had taken Elvis only two records to become a major player among the big guns in the British record industry.

78s We Buy

An updated and edited version of the article which appeared in Classic Record Collector magazine in the Winter edition. By kind permission of the Editor. Of all the tasks to be carried out when transferring 78rpm discs, perhaps the most difficult and potentially contentious is that of pitching the recordings correctly. The term ’78rpm’ is somewhat misleading because, as many readers will have found to their cost, discs in the days before LP were delightfully if frustratingly non-standardized, in both recording characteristics and speed.

Much of the problem stemmed from the fact that recording turntables, like all mechanical devices, were subject to manufacturing tolerances to a greater or lesser degree, which in turn affected performance. On top of that there was the question of maintenance.

H.M.V.. The 78rpm Record Search engine is a free research project that indexes over 30, classical genre related 78rpms from major recording companies of.

Michael Thomas’ Website. British 78rpm record labels whose name begins with B. Using the letter links below you can see pages for other letters. Unless otherwise noted, all research and images are my own, but as you will see, many other people have helped, especially with the label catalogue listings. All images are thumbnails, so clicking on them will display a full-sized image. Where the label name is a link, clicking it will take you to a new page with more information and, in most cases, an attempt to list all issues on that label.

Page last updated on: June 26, Baby Odeon In early , Odeon issued 6 double-sided 5″ records labelled as “Baby Odeon” which contained music of a patriotic nature. The labels are either dark blue or a deep yellow see image. My thanks to Grahame Meachen for bringing these to my attention and for letting me have the record shown in the image.

The history of 78 RPM recordings

Sources: Mudge, S. Describing jazz, blues, and popular 78 RPM sound recordings: suggestions and guidelines. Any flat disc record, made between about and the late s and playing at a speed around 78 revolutions per minute is called a “78” by collectors. The materials of which discs were made and with which they were coated were also various; shellac eventually became the commonest material.

At the time of writing, not all music has been transcribed from 78 RPM disks and Date, Location, Composer, Work, Victor Disc. and Matrix Number. HMV Disc.

The USSR recording industry was a state monopoly from until the late s. The Melodiya label was introduced in , but brought no change in the numbering sequence. As pre LPs usually appear as “Melodiya” in dealers’ lists, the same custom has been followed in this discography, and also for the few 78s. An illustrated history of the Russian gramophone record is provided by Vitaly Brousnikin.

In the various manufacturing operations in the USSR were united and a common numbering system adopted for 78rpm standard groove records. Each side of the record bears a unique number, preceded by the digit 0 for 30cm 12″ records. Numbers follow a chronological sequence, without regard to the presence of a leading zero. The two sides of a record normally carry consecutive numbers; exceptionally they may be further apart in the case of recouplings, in which case each side preserves its original number.

The former rockdisco site gives the number sequences for each year. New 78s continued to be produced long after the introduction of LPs. The last standard groove 78 master was , issued in , and the pressing of them was phased out in LPs were introduced in They follow a similar numbering system to 78s, starting from 1 and preceded by the Cyrillic letter D for dolgo-igrayuschy , “long-playing”.

Each side is numbered separately, as with 78s.

Leopold Stokowski – Chronological Discography

NOTES Matrices and takes leftmost column within each recording session are arranged vertically in the order in which they were known to be recorded. Only some microgroove reissues are shown. Guide to Microgroove Re-issues: Labels, Abbreviations, Issue number prefixes Issue numbers in parentheses were assigned but not issued. All Pearl a non-parent company microgroove re-issues are shown in the chronological listings below. A summary of Pearl vinyl reissues and Pearl CD reissues is also available.

Page 2- year old 78RPM record Vintage Audio (record players, hi-fi etc) On a related note, is there a guide to dating 78 records? I also have this recording on an Irish HMV 78 and of course the Columbia 45 rpm!

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Puritan Records

Note the microphone suspended from wires. It appears to include the famous Western Electric condenser microphone invented by Edward C. Wente of Bell Laboratories. This discography is based on the comprehensive, award-winning investigations by John R. Bolig, which he has generously shared. John R.

Despite this long preamble, I’ve never found a Japanese 78rpm disc that and lasted approximately three years, with HMV recording artists like Siti binti Saad of Khans were recorded on 78 rpm records, dating to the very earliest recording.

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Barrel Organ Sketch -The Volunteer Organist – 78 rpm – HMV 102 Gramophone